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Your privacy is very important to us. Therefore, we have developed this policy so that you can understand how we collect, use, communicate, disclose and use personal information.

We may change this policy from time to time, so please check this page occasionally to make sure you are happy with any changes. By using our website and video games, you agree to abide by this policy. For any questions regarding this policy and our privacy practices, please send an email to

This Privacy Policy primarily describes the following information:

What information we collect; The purpose of our collection of information; Your rights. This Privacy Policy applies to all products and services of CHOUGAME. By using any of our products and services, you are agreeing to what we have described in this policy.

First, the information we collect Non-identity information When you use CHOUGAME products and services, we may collect information such as the source of the user, the order of access, and so on. For example, record the source path of each user, browser information, and so on.

  1. Registration information We may collect your personal registration information, such as: personal identification, personal mobile number, network identity (including account number, IP address, email address and password, password protection information, password, password protection information, etc.) .

  2. Use product equipment information When you use CHOUGAME products, we may collect your device information (including device model, device MAC address, operating system type, device settings, etc.), software list unique device identifier (such as IMEI / android ID / IDFA / OPENUDID / GUID, SIM card IMSI information, etc., which describes the basic information of personally used devices).

  3. Product related information When you use CHOUGAME products, we may collect and aggregate information about your game’s virtual currency, game balance, game type, game history and more.

Second, how do we collect and use information?

  1. Information you provide a. Information you provide to us when you register your CHOUGAME product service account or use the CHOUGAME service;

b. shared information that you provide to other parties through CHOUGAME products, and information that you store when you use CHOUGAME products;

c. your information shared by other parties;

d. We obtain information about your use of CHOUGAME products or services. Such as: log information, device information, network information, and so on.

2.Cookies, logs We may obtain and use your information through cookies and store this information as log information.

By using cookies we provide our users with a better web experience. We use cookies in order to benefit users. For example, when you use CHOUGAME product service, the login process is faster. Cookies can help us determine the pages and content you connect, so that we can serve you better and faster, and make your services more enjoyable in CHOUGAME.

You can control whether cookies are accepted by your device. Please check the documentation that came with your device for more information on this.

  1. We use cookies for the following purposes a. Remember your identity. Cookies help us identify you as our registered user or save you with information about your preferences or other information;

b. Analyze your use of our services. We can use cookies to find out which activities or services you like when using CHOUGAME products.

Non-personally identifiable information we collect using cookies for the above purposes may be provided to other partners to analyze how you and other users use the CHOUGAME service.

Cookies may be placed on our products or services. These cookies may collect non-personally identifiable information about you to analyze how users use our products and services. You may control cookies through user selection mechanisms or user management. If you stop using cookies, we may not be able to provide you with the best service, and some services may not work properly.

  1. We collect and use your information for the following purposes:
  2. Help you complete registration quickly In order for us to provide you with services, you will need to provide basic registration information, such as personal identification, mobile phone number, etc., and create your username and password.

  3. Provide you with prizes and services a. In some service items, in order to provide you with prizes or services, you need to provide personally identifiable information, name, shipping address, postal code, consignee, contact number, etc. If you refuse to provide such information, We will not be able to complete the prize offering or service;

b. When you contact us, we may save your communication/call history and the contact information you left so that we can contact you or help you solve the problem;

c. In order to provide you with prizes or services, we may collect information about your chosen logistics information, prize information, etc., and may share it with the above service providers.

  1. Notify you We may send you notices about the service when necessary (such as suspension, maintenance, etc.) so that you can better understand the status of our services.

  2. Improve our services We may use the information collected by a CHOUGAME product for our other products. We may ask you to participate in a survey on CHOUGAME products to help us improve our existing products and services or design new products and services.

  3. Provide you with security In order to ensure the authenticity of your identity and provide you with better security, you can provide us with personal sensitive information such as identification to complete the real-name certification.

In addition to authentication, we may use your information for customer service, security, fraud monitoring, archiving, and backup purposes to ensure the security of the services we provide to you; we may use or integrate the information we collect about you. Information, and our partners obtain information that you authorize or share with the law to comprehensively determine your account, perform authentication, detect and prevent security incidents, and take necessary records, audits, analysis, and disposal measures.

Fourth, sharing and disclosure Share We will not share your information with any third party outside CHOUGAME without your explicit consent.

a. Providing services to you, we may share your information with partners or third parties, such as logistics services;

b. Achieve the purposes described in Section 2 of the Privacy Policy, “How We Collect and Use Information”;

c. Maintain and improve our services. We may share your information with our partners and other third parties to help us provide you with more targeted and comprehensive services, such as communication service providers that send emails or push notifications on our behalf;

d. fulfill our obligations and exercise our rights in this Privacy Policy or other agreements we have with you;

e. Share with third parties such as partners who entrust us to promote, but we will only provide these parties with information on the coverage and effectiveness of the promotion, and will not provide information that can identify you, such as name phone number or electronic Mailbox; or we aggregate this information so that it does not identify you personally;

f. To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, in order to comply with the law, to protect us and our affiliates or partners, you or other CHOUGAME users or the public interest, property or safety from damage, such as to prevent fraud and other illegal activities and To reduce credit risk, we may exchange information with other companies or organizations;

g. Assist in handling your disputes or disputes with others, in accordance with your legitimate needs;

h. Provide your information at the request of your guardian;

i. provided in accordance with a single service agreement (including an electronic agreement signed online and the corresponding platform rules) or other legal documents signed with you;

j. Provided based on academic research;

k. Provided based on social public interest in compliance with laws and regulations.

We will only share your information for legitimate, legitimate, necessary, specific, and specific purposes. We will sign strict confidentiality agreements with companies, organizations and individuals with which we share information, and require them to process information in accordance with our instructions, this Privacy Policy and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures.

  1. Disclosure We will only disclose your information in the following situations:

a. Prerequisites for compliance with industry-standard safety precautions;

b. Disclose the information you specify according to your needs with your explicit consent;

c. In the event that your information must be provided in accordance with the requirements of laws, regulations, mandatory administrative enforcement or judicial requirements, we may disclose your information in accordance with the type of information requested and the manner in which it is disclosed. Subject to laws and regulations, when we receive the above request for disclosure, we will require the recipient to issue a corresponding legal document, such as a subpoena or investigation letter.

  1. Our protection and handling of your information
  2. Data security technical measures a. We will adopt security measures that comply with industry standards, including establishing reasonable system specifications and security technologies to prevent unauthorized access and modification of your information, and to avoid data corruption or loss;

b. Network services adopt a variety of encryption technologies, such as SSL, TLS and other encryption technologies to protect your information;

c. and isolate by isolation technology;

d. In the use of information, such as information display, information correlation calculation, we will use a variety of data desensitization technology to enhance the security of information in use. Protect data with strict data access control and multiple authentication technologies to prevent data from being used in violation.

  1. Other security measures taken to protect information a. Manage the storage and use of regulatory information by establishing data classification and grading systems, data security management specifications, and data security development specifications;

b. Comprehensive security control of data through information contact confidentiality protocols, monitoring and auditing mechanisms;

c. Strengthen safety awareness. We also conduct security and privacy protection training courses to enhance employees’ awareness of the importance of information protection.

  1. Only allow the necessary personnel to know the information and ensure that the person is not recorded and saved. A strict access control and monitoring mechanism is set for this purpose. We also require all personnel who may be exposed to your information to perform the appropriate confidentiality obligations. If these obligations are not fulfilled, they will be held liable.

  2. We will take all reasonable and feasible measures to ensure that no irrelevant information is collected.
  3. We will do our best to ensure or guarantee the security of any information you send to us. If our physical, technical, or administrative protective equipment is destroyed, resulting in unauthorized access, public disclosure, alteration, or destruction of information, resulting in damage to your legal rights, we will bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

  4. How to deal with security incidents a. When you communicate or service with other parties through CHOUGAME, you will inevitably disclose your information to other parties, such as mobile phone number, email address, etc. Please protect your information and only give others if necessary. provide;

b. In response to possible risks such as information disclosure, damage and loss, we have developed a number of systems to clarify the classification and grading standards for security incidents and security breaches and the corresponding processing procedures. We have also established a special emergency response team for security incidents. In accordance with the requirements of security incident handling regulations, we initiated safety plans for different security incidents, conducted stop loss, analysis, positioning, and formulated remedial measures, and cooperated with relevant departments to crack down;

c. In the event of a security incident, we will promptly inform you according to the requirements of laws and regulations: the basic situation of the incident, the disposal plan we have taken or will take and the circumstances that may occur, you can prevent and reduce the risk autonomously. Suggestions, solutions to your remedies, etc. At the same time, we must report the information security incidents and disposals in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities;

d. Due to technical limitations and limitations of risk prevention, even if we have tried to strengthen security measures, we cannot always guarantee 100% security of information. So you need to understand the circumstances and problems that may occur outside of our controllable circumstances.

How do you manage your information?

  1. Access, update and delete We encourage you to update and modify your information to make it more accurate and effective. You can access your information through CHOUGAME and complete or request us to modify, supplement and delete it according to the management of the corresponding information. We will use appropriate technical means to ensure that you can access, update and correct your information or other information provided when using the CHOUGAME service.

When accessing, updating, correcting, and deleting the above information, we may ask you to authenticate to secure your information.

  1. Open and share During the use of our services, you will share information about your use of the service (such as gender, nickname, etc.). This information can be modified after you visit it. We caution you not to fill in the personal information to the public information area. (such as nickname). As a result, your information is leaked and we are not responsible.

  2. Logout Your account number or related information may be cancelled or deleted in accordance with the CHOUGAME Service Agreement and relevant national laws and regulations. After your account or related information has been cancelled or deleted, this information will be processed in accordance with the CHOUGAME service agreement.

  3. Change the scope of your authorization You can choose whether your information is disclosed, and you can change the scope of your authorization to continue collecting information or withdraw your authorization by deleting the information, turning off the device, and so on.

  4. Sensitive information Certain information may be considered sensitive because of its particularity, such as your race, religion, personal health and medical information, as well as identification documents, personal biometric information, property information, whereabouts, information about minors, etc. . Therefore, you need to be careful before using the products or services we provide for you. You agree that such personally sensitive information will be processed in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy.

The content and information you provide in the CHOUGAME service needs to be carefully considered.

  1. third party services We choose a trusted third party as our partner to provide users with information and services. However, each partner has a different privacy policy than CHOUGAME. When you enter a third-party service, CHOUGAME’s Privacy Policy Terms will no longer apply. We encourage you to review the privacy policy of third parties to ensure the security of your information.

  2. minor restrictions Any minor who participates in an online activity should obtain the prior consent of the parent or his legal guardian. We will protect the relevant information of minors and implement relevant restrictions in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the country.

  3. update and revision This Privacy Policy has been in effect since its publication, and we will update and revise this Privacy Policy from time to time in accordance with national laws and regulations.If you do not accept the revised terms after this Privacy Policy changes, you should immediately stop using CHOUGAME products and services. If you continue to use the Service after seven days of the change of this Privacy Policy, you are deemed to have accepted all the revised terms.

  4. contact us If you have any complaints or reports about the security of your network information, or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this Privacy Policy and related matters, you can contact us through the CHOUGAME Customer Service Center.